Genuine Heart Workshop

Genuine Heart

gen·​u·​ine ’härt

Being honest and authentic to ourselves and the ones we love. Having the courage to be vulnerable and inviting others to do the same. With a genuine heart, relationships flourish.

The purpose of this workshop

The purpose of this workshop is not to find out if a couple is perfect for one another. No couple is perfect together.

Instead, the purpose is to prepare couples in addressing the important issues that will arise during their married life. How well does the couple genuinely know themselves and each other? How will this knowledge, or lack of knowledge, affect their interactions and relationship?

We cannot fully predict what will happen in a marriage, but we can prepare for things that may happen. The more a couple becomes aware and prepared, the better chance they will have of maintaining a successful and happy marriage.

Both individuals in the relationship should explore each of the questions posed in this workshop to better understand themselves and each other.

All activities are meant to help couples connect beyond words. By interacting both physically and emotionally, we build up our non-verbal communication skills, which can be just as important as verbal communication.

The fact that you have made a commitment to participate in this workshop is already an important step toward a healthy relationship. We hope your experience here can be both fun and meaningful. Our goal is to provide effective tools and awareness in order to build a foundation strong enough to support a successful marriage.

If you are already married, we hope this workshop can provide tools to strengthen your marital foundations and help repair any cracks that may have caused marital conflicts in the past, present, or may lead to conflicts in the future.

We hope this workshop can be a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. You are the experts in your relationships!

Genuine Heart Workshop

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