Our Mission

Our mission is to provide psycho-educational guided workshops on topics related to mental health to safely introduce people to the initial stages of understanding the process of self-awareness, effective communication, and active planning toward the journey of healing and growth.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get an individual to say, “Wow, I didn’t realize that about myself. That is something I really need to work on.” Or a couple to acknowledge, “I didn’t know there was a more helpful way for me to say that, I didn’t know it affected you that much”. Or a family to conclude, “I now realize we need more professional help, let’s schedule for family therapy this week.”

Let's Talk

Let us all talk more about mental health. Let us build a genuine dialog with those we love about what we need emotionally and ask them, “how can I help?” Let us start this journey together, today.

Top 5 Parenting Skills

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